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Spud Sunday: Recipes From A Jewelled Kitchen

London Food Blogger Connect

The funky old Battersea Arts Centre, home to this weekend’s
London Food Blogger Connect conference

This weekend finds me in London, in the thick of the Food Blogger Connect (FBC) conference. There’s a sensory overload that you come to expect at such events, with a great many people to meet, foods to eat and a diverse range of presentations (not least a few of my own devising). While I’m far from done with the conference yet (and may return to the topic in due course), a much anticipated part of the weekend was the official launch, on Saturday evening, of The Jewelled Kitchen, the first cookbook by Bethany Kehdy, founder of the conference (and of Taste Lebanon, with whom I took a very memorable tour a couple of years ago). Herewith a look at her book.

The Jewelled Kitchen

The Jewelled Kitchen:
Lebanese, Moroccan and Persian recipes by Bethany Kehdy

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Spud Sunday: Man of Za’atar

Sometimes, when all around are talking turkey, it’s good to step away from the crowd (we are, as memorably observed in Monty Python’s Life of Brian, all individuals after all).

So here is something a little (or perhaps more than a little) different to the usual Christmassy food blog post. Some nineteen months after an unforgettable trip to Lebanon (ably lead by Bethany Kehdy of Taste Lebanon), it is a little Christmas present to myself to finally write this. And a treat, I hope, for you. It a story about Abu Kassem, a wise man from the east who bears neither frankincense, gold nor myrrh, but za’atar.

Za'atar plant

The prized Middle Eastern herb that is za'atar

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