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Killer Cheeses

There is at least one legend which holds that would-be assassins tried (but failed) to kill St. Patrick with poisoned cheese. There are a number of conclusions which we may draw from this, to wit:

– St. Patrick was fond of cheese.
– He knew a dodgy cheese when he tasted one.

Therefore, what better way to celebrate the feast day of our patron saint than to include a platter of Irish cheese as part of the Paddy’s Day Food Parade. And not just any cheese, but a selection of fine Irish raw milk cheeses, because I can guarantee, given that Louis Pasteur was far from born at the time, that St. Patrick’s cheese board would have been filled with nothing but cheeses made from raw milk.

Irish Raw Milk Cheeses

Selection of Irish raw milk cheeses

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Spud Sunday: My First Rösti

The instructions for today’s Spud Sunday can be neatly summarised as follows:

  • Open packet.
  • Dump contents onto non-stick pan over medium heat.
  • Cook until golden on each side.
  • Eat.

The contents in question consist mostly of cooked, grated potatoes. The golden-hued result is Swiss rösti. But from a packet? I should explain…


Rösti, packet-style

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