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Spud Sunday: Strawberry Elephants Forever

It was a sign.

A large, elephant-shaped sign.

Painted with some mighty inescapable strawberries.

Strawberry Elephant

Let me guess, you've never seen a strawberry elephant before either...

The elephant was a resident of The Hempel Hotel in London, the venue for this weekend’s Food Blogger Connect 2010 (and, yes, I will be reporting on the bits of FBC that involved neither elephants nor strawberries in due course).

I think maybe the folks at Bord Bia had placed Mr. Elephant there as a not-so-subtle reminder to me that it was the start of Irish National Strawberry week. Like I needed a reminder.

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Spud Sunday: The And Game

There’s this game that I play sometimes a lot. It’s called the “and potatoes” game.

I look at an ingredient and wonder just what I can make involving said ingredient and potatoes. This does not, as you might imagine, always have a successful outcome.

Case in point: strawberries and potatoes (which, to be fair, even I thought a bit of a stretch).

I had strawberries on the brain since attending a demonstration in Bord Bia, where the charming Catherine Fulvio from Ballyknocken Cookery School talked us through a host of different ways with strawberries, which are just coming into season hereabouts.

There was strawberry millefeuille with mascarpone, strawberry shortcake, prosecco mixed with blended strawberries, and much else besides (though, frankly, the perfect strawberry doesn’t need much, other than perhaps a touch of sugar and some cream). Tellingly, there was nary a mention of spuds.

Catherine Fulvio cooks with strawberries

Catherine Fulvio shows the many ways with strawberries, none of them involving potatoes

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