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Spud Sunday: Roasties Revisited

Good grief, you hardly thought I would let Christmas go by without tackling the subject of roasties, now, did you?

Roast potatoes

Proper roast potatoes. It just ain't Christmas dinner without 'em.

Though I may have spouted on at some length on the topic of roast potatoes last year, my 12-step roastie program didn’t really address the question of how our most popular potato varieties stack up when it comes to roasting. I’m here today to fix that.

Inspired somewhat by last year’s piece in the Guardian Word of Mouth blog which compared three varieties of British potato, roasted using formulae from four well-known chefs, I loosened my belt and set about the task of roasting several different kinds of Irish spud.

Step one was a trip to my local fruit-and-veg emporium… Continue reading

Spud Sunday: The Art Of The Roastie

An apology is in order.

I have been guilty of taking the roastie for granted. A potato classic, known to feature regularly on my plate but yet scarcely mentioned on The Daily Spud… Oh for shame.

Nothing else for it but to make amends with a little Christmas roastie special, for it is fair to say that Christmas dinner in Ireland could not legally be defined as Christmas dinner without a great big pile of roast potatoes. So, with the assistance of the experts that reside on my kitchen bookshelf, may I present herewith my 12 step roastie program.

Crispy Roast Potatoes

Toasty roasties

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Spud Sunday: The Why Of The Spud

When it comes down to it, there is one reason above all others that fuels my desire to grow spuds.

Sure, the rewards of growing your own are many. In the rough and jumble of my own little back garden, I can cultivate varieties that I would rarely, if ever, find in the shops. That means that I get to eat tasty little Shetland Blacks like these, roasted in their skins, and you won’t find me complaining about that.

Ahh, Shetland Black Roasties

Ahh, Shetland Black Roasties

And there are many points scored for general got-it-from-my-own-garden satisfaction. In fact, I could be all smug and crow about the positive dearth of food miles involved in my recent dinners but, nah, I really don’t care to. Besides, I might be accused of yet more braggery by Greg and if there’s one reason that I grow spuds, that is most definitely not it.

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