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Just Call Me Jammy

The plan was to stay for no more than an hour.

Four hours and a lot of wine later, I was still there. Oops.

The event was Gilbey’s 2nd Annual Portfolio Tasting in the impressive Guinness Storehouse and I hadn’t expected it to be quite so… big. We’re talking 300-wines-and-a-table-full-of-whiskeys big.

I mean, good grief. What are these people trying to do to me? And at 11 o’clock in the morning, no less. They must know that my camera does not have an angle wide enough for that amount of wine, to say nothing of my palate.

Gilbey's 2nd Annual Portfolio Tasting

Wine glasses at the ready, deep breath and off we go

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Fave New World

Suffice to say that I was ruddy-cheeked by the time I departed.

That’ll happen when you (a) spend a few hours in a room with some 200 wines from 37 different New Zealand winemakers and (b) have yet to learn the necessary art of spitting. I’m feeling woozy just thinking about it.

The event was yesterday’s annual New Zealand wine trade tasting presented by New Zealand winegrowers and ably organised by Jean Smullen. The tasting room was filled with wine buyers and restaurateurs and people whose job it is to write about wine and, er, me (there will be no prizes for spotting the odd one out, sorry!).

Annual New Zealand WIne Tade Tasting, Dublin

Wine, check, glasses, check, off we go...

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