It was a big weekend for me and my seed potatoes.

The spuds made significant progress on their journey to the dinner table by moving a few short, but nevertheless significant, steps from the shed to the new vegetable patch across the way.

For the vegetable patch, it was a grand unveiling of sorts. What had been a square of lawn had been manured and then covered for almost a year, giving the worms space to do the hard ground preparation work. All I needed to do was dig some drills, line them with manure and then relocate the spuds to their new home. No big drama. Or, at least, so one would have thought.

Tools of the potato planting trade

Tools of the planting trade

Off I went to the shed, where the seeds had been sprouting for some weeks now. In amongst the trays of sprouting tubers, I looked for the one that contained my three special rare and unusual specimens, which were to be given pride of planting place. They had been here, right at the edge of the bench but, could it be…? I caught my breath. They. Were. Gone. Noooooooooooooooo!

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