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Pease Glorious Pease

Pease pudding and saveloys! What next is the question?

From the musical Oliver!‘s memorable “Food Glorious Food”

See, I’d always assumed (as, I might add, did the person who added the subtitles above), that the line was “peas, pudding and saveloys”. I may not have known what saveloys were, yet it seemed only natural to suppose them sugary and sweet – sure they had to be, didn’t they come after the peas and the puddin’. It made perfect sense to my childhood brain. As it turns out, though, I was mistaken on all counts.

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Once Upon A Mustard

Picture the scene.

You crack open the fridge, fumble past the leftovers and (hurrah!) locate that jar of mustard that you could have sworn was half-full. Only those deceptive splodges clinging to the sides of the jar are little more than a masquerade of thin smears and (boo!) the jar is, in fact, devoid of any appreciable content.

Where once there was mustard, now there is only disappointment.

Empty mustard jar

Curses! Empty jar syndrome strikes again...

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