Today’s post is brought to you, Sesame-Street-style, by the letters L and B.

L, first and foremost, is for the dreaded lurgy, to which I have been subject for the past few days and which has kicked to touch all inclination to cook or do anything much. Pah!

On the other hand, L is for lovely, which is how I would describe a recent request for interview from new blogger on the block, Piggy Fair. While I’ll admit that something in the name tempted me to respond, all Miss-Piggy-like – “Qui, moi?” – you can read what I actually said over here.

Lithuanian potatoes

L also stands for Lithuanian, and I was as surprised as anyone to spy Lithuanian potatoes for sale just minutes from my door. I, of course, did what any dedicated potatophile would do, and brought some home, figuring that if the local Lithuanian community were that particular about having access to their own potatoes, then the matter would bear further investigation.

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