Here’s the thing. Send me abroad – to Australia, say – and, on top of the thousands of miles it’ll take me to get there, I’ll travel hundreds, or perhaps thousands more in order to explore the country’s furthest reaches.** Here in Dublin, however, what with the day-to-day business – and busy-ness – of living, there are plenty of must-see items on my doorstep that must, it seems, remain decidedly unseen.

Certainly, if I were in almost any other part of the world, I’d be first in the queue for any kind of food-led tour. Here at home, while I’d known about the Dublin Tasting Trail for quite some time, it wasn’t until I happened to talk to Eveleen Coyle, one of the founders of Fabulous Food Trails, that I took up an invitation to join one of their city-based walking and tasting tours. When it came down to it, it was an easy sell, requiring only that I swap my normal Saturday morning routine for a two and a half hour food-focused jaunt around the city centre. Done and deal were the words that sprang to mind.

** Needless to remark, if anyone would like to send me to Australia, that would be bonza and I can start packing now…
Onions and garlic

Going on a food trail? You'll want a guide who knows their onions (and their garlic too).

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