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Spud Sunday: Christmas, Digested

Frosty Christmas Morning

Frosty Christmas Morning

Everything outside was beautifully befrosted this Christmas morning. Inside, however, Santa clearly wasn’t sure whether I had been good or not this year.

Having just about regained my appetite in time for the biggest meal of the year, a power cut early on Christmas day looked like it might put the kibosh on all attempts to cook it. Thankfully, the electricity repair man angel stepped in and saw to it that everyone in the locality had the power to fuel their feasting (not to mention their colouredy Christmas lights).

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Of Carrots, Mainly

So today KD let me have a taste of what she suspects may have been her best soup ever. She reckoned it had something to do with the carrots involved, which were, it seems, a bunch of organic specimens at the top of their game. I can certainly vouch for the tastiness of the results.

Thing is, soup made mainly from carrots is, not unsurprisingly, going to taste mainly of them there carrots. Got good carrots, chances are you got good carrot soup (or at least you’ve got good carrot soup potential). Needless to remark, the same can be said for many other types of soupy ingredients, and not just carrots, so extrapolate at your leisure.

Carrot and ginger soup

Mostly just carrots

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New Year, Old Potatoes

rooster potato

A not-so-little red rooster

So that was the year that was. 2008, the UN International Year of the Spud, no less, a year that was intended to underscore the “potato’s important place in the global food system”. Whatever about those worthy efforts, there’s never been any doubt about the humble spud’s importance in my own local food system. Eaten in all shapes and forms, though loved most especially when they’ve been dug straight from the back garden, steamed and served with salt and butter. That and when they’ve been converted into Tayto crisps (the snack whose failure to achieve world domination remains a source of mystery to my friend KD and others).

tayto cheese and onion

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