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Spud Sunday: One Look Forward, Many Looks Back

I give in. It’s the fifth day of leftovers and the umpteenth day of cake. It must surely be time to write that end-of-year blog post, if only to keep my hands busy with something other than the TV remote. So here, without further ado or fanfare, I give you 2012, the spuds-eye view.

Dad, April 2012

So long Dad, and thanks for all kinds of everything

If there is one event above all others that marks 2012, it’s the loss of my irrepressible, irreplaceable Da. I miss him every day and presume fondly that heavenly consumption of both spuds and Guinness has skyrocketed since he got there. I also presume that he would have been pleased about the many notable things that have happened during the past Daily Spud year, most of which I didn’t get to tell him about in person, and here’s hoping that 2013 will bring even more things for him to be pleased about, wherever he is.

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Spud Sunday: Irish Food Guide

400 posts, four years and an awful lot of potatoes. Yes, as of next Friday, the Daily Spud will be four years – and also, rather neatly, 400 posts – old and is, I think I can safely say, now firmly out of blogging nappies.

I do still like to play with my food though, and that has lead to all sorts of things on this blog and beyond, including, most recently, a part in this:

Irish food guide 10th edition

John & Sally McKennas' indispensable Irish Food Guide,
in a brand spanking new 10th edition

Irish food guide editors

And that would be me, loitering amongst the Irish food guide editors

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