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The Incredible Spreadable

It was, to coin a phrase, la jam de la jam.

In fact, I could get all biblical about it and accuse Nidal Rayess of having saved the best jam ’til last, but the truth is I am just thankful for what I can honestly say was a higher jam experience.

We visited Nidal’s dairy in Jdita a couple of weeks ago, as part of the Taste Lebanon tour, where, among other things, they make labneh (or strained yoghurt) and halloumi cheese from their own cow’s and goat’s milk, as well as making a range of preserves.

Nidal Rayess

Nidal Rayess: one man and his cheese

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States Of Cheese

You know, I’ve never really given the melting point of cheese a huge amount of thought. Until now, that is.

It started with the runny camembert experiment. Having recently discussed the ethics of using a microwave to encourage camembert into a state of runniness, I just had to try it out for myself. I was quite surprised that no more than a few seconds worth of exposure to those micro-waves was enough to reduce a formerly upstanding wedge of camembert to utter gloop.

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