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Spud Sunday: Spud In Bloom

While Bloom in the Park may have been the big event of weekend, in truth it was a different kind of bloom that turned my head this week: that eagerly anticipated first potato blossom of the season.

Of the ten or so varieties of spud that are currently bursting forth from assorted bags in my backyard, it is the Epicures – a first early variety popularly grown in Ayrshire in Scotland – that are way ahead on the flowering front. And that, my friends, means that (yay!) it won’t be long before I get to sample the new potatoes underneath.

Potato blossom

First of the year, my epicure spuds in bloom

Meanwhile, distracted though I may have been by my potato flowers, I did, of course, go along to see what this year’s Bloom in the Park had to offer.

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