potato snake skin pendant

Meet my latest spud acquisition:
a pendant made from dried potato and shed snake skin,
as fashioned by the very lovely Earth Apple Jane
(Jane lives in New South Wales, which is where she found the shed skin of a red-bellied black snake – something I’m kinda glad to say we don’t have in Ireland)

Spuds. When I’m not eating them, I’m wearing them. Sometimes I even do both at the same time.

Did they know that?

No, but it wouldn’t have surprised them. Not one little bit.

Not the possession of a snake skin and potato pendant, nor the library of potato books, not the mr. and mrs. potato head, nor the glass potato (exhibit b., below), nor any of the assorted items of a spud nature – along with real, actual spuds – that I call my own.

Glass potato

Glass potato by Eimear O’Connor, which you will find on my mantlepiece

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