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Spud Sunday: Skinflint Saturday

Yesterday, I decided that I should let somebody else cook the spuds for a change. Seems only fair, no?

It’s not like it was a difficult decision. Joe Macken, serial restaurateur and the man behind (among others) the ever-popular Jo’Burger in Rathmines and CrackBird, the restaurant that popped-up-and-stayed, had invited a small band of bloggers to visit his latest Dublin eatery, Skinflint, to see his operation and (of course) try the food.

To be honest, the mere fact that there was a potato pizza on the menu meant that I was in like flynn. I’m easy like that. At least when it comes to spuds. And the opportunity to eat, among others, with Aoife from I Can Has Cook, Catherine from The Runcible Spoon and Bill and Sharon from Gunternation was not one to be passed up either.

skinflint sign

Skinflint, Crane Lane, Dublin 2

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Take Me To Your Mackerel

I could justifiably have hung a sign on my door that read “Gone Fishin’.”

I was making a trek across the city to Donnybrook Fair and smoked mackerel would, I hoped, be my reward. I was on the trail of mackerel from Inish Turk Beg, a privately owned and faintly mysterious island off the coast of Mayo. A tasting of their newly available range of smoked fish earlier that week had left mackerel on my mind, and I was heading to the one place in the city that could provide me with that particular smoky fix.

Inish Turk Beg smoked mackerel

Inish Turk Beg smoked mackerel

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Rare Auld Dublin

I’ll come right out with it.

While there will be music and art and poetry and drama and goodness-knows-what-else on offer this coming Friday as part of Culture Night, there’s not, it would seem, much going on that relates to food and drink.

Culture Night 2010

To be fair, the slogan for the evening is “what will you see?” and not “what will you eat and drink?”, so I suppose that the opportunity to see, if not drink in, the remains of an ancient Dublin pub on the night is a reasonable compromise.

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