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Smells Like Ice Cream To Me

Actually, right now I’m smelling coffee in Seattle but last week I smelled lilac and thought ice cream.

Now, it’s not the first time that I’ve stopped at the lilac bush outside my front door to inhale its glorious perfume. It’s also by no means the first time that I’ve thought about ice cream (I do that more or less every time the sun shines). It’s just the first time that I’ve known one to cause the other.

Lilac florets

Do these smell like ice cream to you?

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My Kind Of Kimchi

Dearie me. I was once more beset by cabbages.

Multiple heads of the green stuff were inhabiting my kitchen and wearing a look that said if I didn’t do something soon, their mate turnip would show up and then there’d be real trouble. This time, however, I would take charge of the situation. Nothing like a bit of fermentation to show those brassicas just who was boss. Yes indeed, the time had come to make kimchi.

Kimchi a la Spud

Kimchi a la Spud

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Sticky. Toffee. Pudding.

So what do you do when someone hands you a bag of ingredients and a recipe, and the title of the recipe is “Sticky Toffee Pudding“…?

Hmm, let me see.

You think about it for approximately a millisecond, then you go forth and create some sticky toffee goodness, that’s exactly what you do. This is no time for fooling around, April-induced or otherwise.

sticky toffee pudding

Sticky spoonful

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