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Spud Sunday: My Cups Runneth Over

Give me an Irish theme to cook to and, yes, chances are, I’ll give you spuds. There’s also a fair chance (me being me) that they won’t necessarily be the kind of spuds you’re used to. That, I think it’s safe to say, is something you’ve come to expect around here.

Take these potato cups: individual shells made from thinly sliced potato and used to serve, well, anything.

Potato cups salmon

Potato cups with smoked salmon

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Spud Sunday: Chef du Cream Cheese

Let me explain to you how this works:

(a) Big food brand gets together with well-known chef.

(b) Chef creates recipes using said brand of food.

(c) Brand wants to demonstrate general tastiness of the recipes, so they get the chef to make lunch using some of same.

(d) Third parties get invited to said lunch to provide independent verification of the mouth-watering nature of the chef’s creations.

(e) Lunch is eaten, wine is drunk, everybody goes home happy, well-fed and well disposed towards the parties and the food involved.

Simple enough formula, really, and I got to see it in action up close this week, where the brand in question was Philadelphia cream cheese, the chef was Kevin Dundon (yes, he of the Zest! interview experience) and I was one of those well-fed third parties.

Kevin Dundon's Philadelphia Lunch

Kevin Dundon's Philadelphia Lunchables: smoked salmon and scallops, chicken and mushroom parcel, wild mushroom risotto, philly mille feuille

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