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Mini Marrow-thon


My own modest mini-marrow

Q. So when is a courgette not a courgette? A. When it grows up and becomes a marrow…

This being my first year to grow courgettes, I have watched with great interest the transition from imposing yellow flowers to fledgling courgettes to vegetables of serious marrow proportions (which is exactly what happens when you leave the plants unchaperoned for a few days at the height of a wet summer – now that’ll teach me..). Not that you should necessarily write off overgrown courgettes of course. The unchecked expansion which results in the achievement of marrow status doesn’t do the flavour any favours, but they might win you a prize if that’s your thing…

gromit with marrow

Keeping an eye on the prize... (image from www.guardian.co.uk)

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Munchy Crunchy Lunchy

This is not how you eat in polite company. The slightly syrupy and uber-tasty liquid from the courgette and onion pickle is running all over my hand, which, in turn, is held very close to my mouth because of the imminent danger of my overloaded cracker disintegrating before it ever gets to the mastication stage. The rapidly fracturing components of my lunch are finally, and unceremoniously, shovelled into my awaiting gob and all that remains is a slobbery mess on the plate and a big smile on my sticky face…

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