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Spud Sunday: The Way Of The Spud

Y’know, a Paddy such as I could probably make themselves quite at home in the corner of Spain that is Galicia. The landscape is really quite green, the region does a good line in celtic diddly-eye music and the local cuisine features plenty of spuds. Walking through the countryside here, you might well feel like you have been transported to somewhere that has all of the appearances of the slow-paced, rural Ireland of times past, but with warmer weather and, it has to be said, better seafood.

The borderlands of Galicia and Castile y León

The borderlands of Galicia and Castile y León

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Mini Marrow-thon


My own modest mini-marrow

Q. So when is a courgette not a courgette? A. When it grows up and becomes a marrow…

This being my first year to grow courgettes, I have watched with great interest the transition from imposing yellow flowers to fledgling courgettes to vegetables of serious marrow proportions (which is exactly what happens when you leave the plants unchaperoned for a few days at the height of a wet summer – now that’ll teach me..). Not that you should necessarily write off overgrown courgettes of course. The unchecked expansion which results in the achievement of marrow status doesn’t do the flavour any favours, but they might win you a prize if that’s your thing…

gromit with marrow

Keeping an eye on the prize... (image from www.guardian.co.uk)

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