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Spud Sunday: Sippity Spuds

There’s this guy. Let’s call him Greg (for that, indeed, is his actual name). He is, however, also known to at least some of you as Sup from the rather excellent Sippity Sup.

A few weeks ago, the alignment of the planets was such that myself and Greg were in San Francisco at the same time. I cannot tell you how excited I was when I discovered, via Twitter, that, for a few days, we would be within a few blocks of each other. A few messages were exchanged and a lunch date set. There was some discussion of Vietnamese food and specifically bánh mì – Vietnamese-style baguette sandwiches containing, among other things, a goodly dose of sweet pickled veg, chili, coriander, mayonnaise and your protein of choice (classically pork). Greg even went as far as to wonder whether I knew that such fare would not involve much in the way of potatoes. Clearly he feared that I might suffer from a deficiency of spuds whilst on my foreign travels. The concern was touching, though he really had nothing to worry about on that front.

In the end, you could say that we met, not for lunch, but for lunches, because we followed a trip to the lovely Zuni Café with a visit to Saigon Sandwich, a little hole-in-the-wall joint, to sample some first class bánh mì. You can read what Greg had to say on the subject here but, suffice to say that, while it may have been my first bánh mì, it was most certainly not my last.

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Pas de Pasta

What? No pasta?

It was a somewhat shocking realisation. Reeni’s recent post on pasta as her muse alerted me to the fact that pasta has not gotten so much as a look in here at The Daily Spud. I count precisely one passing mention of that most Italian of foodstuffs since this little blog started. What’s with that, exactly? It’s not like I don’t like it or anything.


Come in, linguine, you are welcome here

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Of Carrots, Mainly

So today KD let me have a taste of what she suspects may have been her best soup ever. She reckoned it had something to do with the carrots involved, which were, it seems, a bunch of organic specimens at the top of their game. I can certainly vouch for the tastiness of the results.

Thing is, soup made mainly from carrots is, not unsurprisingly, going to taste mainly of them there carrots. Got good carrots, chances are you got good carrot soup (or at least you’ve got good carrot soup potential). Needless to remark, the same can be said for many other types of soupy ingredients, and not just carrots, so extrapolate at your leisure.

Carrot and ginger soup

Mostly just carrots

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