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States Of Cheese

You know, I’ve never really given the melting point of cheese a huge amount of thought. Until now, that is.

It started with the runny camembert experiment. Having recently discussed the ethics of using a microwave to encourage camembert into a state of runniness, I just had to try it out for myself. I was quite surprised that no more than a few seconds worth of exposure to those micro-waves was enough to reduce a formerly upstanding wedge of camembert to utter gloop.

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Crimes Of The Kitchen

Hand over le fromage de la belle France qui s’appelle camembert …
I don’t care how … runny it is, hand it over with all speed!

John Cleese looks in vain for camembert (runny or otherwise) in Monty Python’s Cheese Shop sketch

runny camembert

I think it's a bit runnier than you'd like it, sir...

I was chatting the other day to someone who had spent some time living in France. They remarked to me that, having developed a liking for runny camembert, they used to put said cheese into the microwave in order to encourage it into a liquid state, an act which the locals looked upon as food crime of the highest order. (I, of course, imagine their indignation to have been accompanied by cries of “Mon Dieu!” and “Sacrebleu!” at the very least). The offence in this case was not the runniness of the cheese but the application of the microwave to the task which they probably rightly considered would destroy the subtleness of the camembert taste.

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