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Flour Power

Ingredients matter.

Well, duh! Of course ingredients matter. The quality matters. It affects the nature and quality of the end result. This is always true but most acutely noticeable when the number of ingredients in a recipe amounts to a mere handful.

Take your basic loaf of bread, for instance, which has some flour, some liquid material, some raising agents, and not a lot else. The taste and texture of your bread will have rather a lot to do with the flour you use. Rocket science this ain’t (and I should know, I used to work for rocket scientists!). So, for a 100% wholewheat soda loaf, you would do very well to use a nice, coarsely milled soft wheat flour. For me that means Abbey Stoneground.

abbey stoneground whole wheat flour

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Spud Sunday: Mr. Potato Bread

When last we spoke, it was all about the glory of the chip butty, that I-shouldn’t-but-I’m-going-to sandwich of bread, butter and chips (and if you should feel the need to go and make one right now, go ahead, as mention of the idea does seem to have that effect on people…). The only trouble I had with the whole chip butty thing was where to go next. What lies beyond the chip-in-a-sandwich? And so I thought that we should talk about getting potatoes into the very substance of what makes every sandwich. It was time to meet Mr. Potato Bread…

potato bread

Bread with a little inner potato

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Saucy Bread

It was an odd combination.

I found myself eating a piece of thick white bread, toasted, spread with pesto and a few slices of tomato and then topped with bread sauce. It was one of those quick-fix-what-do-I-have-in-my-fridge kind of things. Don’t get me wrong, it was tasty, just unusual. You could almost class it as a sandwich of sorts, given that it did essentially involve two slices of bread on either side of the pesto-tomato filling, it’s just that one of the bread halves was appearing in sauce form and bringing with it that creamy, oniony Christmas dinner taste.

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