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Spud Sunday: Grow Forth And Multiply

There comes a time in every seed potato’s life when it must leave the relative comfort of the garden shed and make its own way out in the big bad world of the garden proper. For my motley collection of seed potatoes, acquired both at home and abroad, that time had finally arrived.

Out they came, still nestled in their little egg-carton homes but all set to trade up to bigger units, ones which could accommodate their soon-to-be growing families.

Seed Potatoes

Meet the seed potatoes - the big guy up front is an Idaho spud

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Spud Sunday: Ancient Spuds, Modern Threats

Can it really be a year since my first, momentous Potato Day experience? A whole year since I travelled the picturesque byways of Leitrim to the annual celebration of the humble noble tuber at the Organic Centre in Rossinver? Apparently, yes, it was time to pack my bags and head west again.

Digging Lazy Potato Beds

Old Irish Lazy Beds: potatoes planted on the ground and covered with sods sliced from either side

The event makes for a worthwhile excursion if you are of a mind to plant potatoes or are generally interested in the how of spuds. They had around 20 varieties of seed potato on sale, advice for gardeners on dealing with the curse that is potato blight, demonstrations of old-style lazy bed planting, a potato-heavy menu at their cafe and, of course, the irrepressible Dave Langford with his collection of heritage potatoes. 100+ of his varieties were on display, along with a new and absorbing addition…

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