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Spud Sunday: Spud Business

So, if you were looking for someone to go and talk spuds with a commercial potato grower, who would you ask?

It seems, what with the new potato season upon us, that the folks from Bord Bia were pondering that very question lately. The result of their ponderings was that they came knocking upon my door.

Soon afterward, I found myself in the middle of a potato field in North County Dublin having a most illuminating, spud-filled conversation. You can read all about it over on the Best in Season website, but I’m also including the full text here.

I am indebted to my interviewee Barry for his time and his candor. Enjoy.

Kerrs Pink potatoes

Barry's field of Kerr's Pink potatoes

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Best In Bramleys

If you are what you eat, then there’s no getting around the fact that, last month, I was an apple. A bramley apple to be precise.

My increased apple intake had a lot to do with the fact that the Best In Season folks were running another recipe competition, this time with bramleys in mind. I hadn’t done too shabbily last time out, so I was all on for having another go. Thus there was much baking and subsequent consumption of bramleyed goods. Enough, if the old apple-a-day adage is anything to go by, to ensure that my doctor would be kept away indefinitely. And in the end, I tasted what I had made, and indeed it was good, I-must-make-you-again-soon kind of good.

Bramley apples, baked with honey and goat's cheese

Bramley apples, desserted

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