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Pu-erh Missus

In my own personal taxonomy of tea, there are 2 broad classifications, those being (a) real tea and (b) everything else.

Real tea is what we mean when we talk about tea in Ireland, that cup that will be offered to you on entry to almost every Irish household. Be it Lyons or be it Barry’s, cups of same regularly punctuate my day.

To avoid overdosing on the real stuff, however, I do drink a variety of those other teas and will happily try new ones if they come my way. So when Barry’s got in touch about their new pu-erh and rooibos teas, that was my cue to put the kettle on.

Pu-erh and rooibos teas from Barry's

Pu-erh and rooibos teas from Barry's

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Mad About Tea

It doesn’t matter what day it is, Father, there’s always time for a nice cup of tea!

...so says the iconic Mrs Doyle, of Father Ted fame

...so says the iconic Mrs Doyle, of Father Ted fame
ready to foist tea upon all and sundry at any hour of the day or night
image from www.channel4.com

At heart, we Irish are still a nation of tea-drinkers. Notwithstanding the number of coffee shops that now proliferate, we still punch well above our weight in the worldwide tea-drinking stakes and we go mad for the stuff betimes. In fact, a headline from the New York Times, dated June 29th, 1894, reads thus:

"TEA DRINKING IN IRELAND.; Report Discussed in House of Commons that It Has Caused Insanity."

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