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Spud Sunday: Defender Of The Spud

To borrow a phrase from the original super brat himself, you cannot be serious.

That was my response (and then some) to an invitation to participate in a so-called “un-potato fest”, which asks participant bloggers to spread, in a jocular fashion, the myth that potatoes are boring, in order to promote a box of (wait for it) instant stuffing mix.

I mean really, who in their right mind would ask me, of all people, to promote the supposed ability of an instant stuffing mix to heroically save us, every one, from the apparent mundanity of all things spud. A mix which, according to this post, contains, among many other things, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and a whole whack of salt. Charming.

Some, I know, will take up the call, and that’s their prerogative, of course. As for me, I’ll choose potatoes over a box of stuffing any day (but I rather suspect you knew that already). Spuds are truly versatile and sometimes even surprising beasts, as, I think, this potato bakewell tart will demonstrate.

Potato bakewell

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Fairtrade Is Fairtrade

Fairtrade chocolate

Welcome to the world of ethical eating

Time was when being involved in the food chain was a straightforward matter of eat or be eaten.

And while I’m sure none of us want to revert to wandering barefoot across the savannah, life has, in the interim, become quite a complicated business for us homo sapiens. Even the apparently simple act of gathering food into our grocery baskets can lead us to ponder far weightier questions than the one that asks simply “what do I want to eat today”.

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Oats, Glorious Oats

“That’ll keep you regular,” chuckled the delivery man.

He had just handed me a hamper filled to the brim with oaty products from Flahavan’s, and, as I surveyed the contents, I had to agree that this little lot would probably keep me in good working order for some time to come.

Flahavans hamper

Oats and then some

The occasion that had warranted such a generous oaten influx was Flahavan’s annual Porridge Week, which heralds the onset of those falling temperatures that induce us to both stay under the covers and contemplate porridge when we arise.

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