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Local Beer-O

WJ Kavanagh

WJ Kavanagh, Dorset St.

Now here’s something that I couldn’t be more pleased about – the opening of WJ Kavanagh’s on Dorset St., by the people who brought you L. Mulligan Grocer. The Mulligan’s crew have done nothing short of redefine what it means to be an Irish pub with Irish grub and Dublin is a better place because of their endeavours. The new premises is bigger and brighter than L. Mulligan’s and (as co-owner Seáneen describes it) the menu will be lighter to match. There will be lunches, there will be coffee (with the assistance of coffee meisters from 3FE), and jam jar cocktails will join craft beer, whiskeys and whiskies on the drinks list. There will also be afternoons – many I hope – spent in the nook by the fireplace. I’m happy because it’s here and even happier because it’s near.

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Have Opinions, Will Eat

Remember when you were young (or maybe even not so young) and you thought that the bestest job in the whole wide world would be as chief taster in a chocolate factory?

“‘magine gettin’ paid to do that,” my young self would think, and would dream a daydream that was equal parts Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Willy Wonka.

While the chocolate tasting idea eventually lost its sheen, being a contributing editor for John and Sally McKenna’s independent and unfailingly opinionated Bridgestone Guides would be my decidedly adult version of that same dream. It’s a remit to seek out and experience the best in Irish food and hospitality, and it’s an honour and a privilege – not to mention a responsibility – to have been asked to do just that.

Without further ado, you can click through to read what I had to say – in a Bridgestone capacity – both about the wonderful Eastern Seaboard in Drogheda and about the new Avoca food market and Salt Café in Monkstown. You can also see some of the delights of the Avoca food market below.

Cheese room

They have a cheese room, need I say more?

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Spud Sunday: Boxty On The Menu

My cup, or should I say, my dinner plate, runneth over.

I had the pleasure, yesterday, of enjoying my second all-potato menu in as many weeks (and yes, I know what you’re thinking – some gals just have all the luck).

The occasion was a cookery demonstration given by Pádraic Óg Gallagher at Gallagher’s Boxty House as part of this weekend’s Temple Bar Trad Fest, and the subject, naturally enough, was boxty, the traditional potato speciality that gives the restaurant its name. And Pádraic, who has run The Boxty House for some 23 years, knows more than most about boxty. His making of boiled, baked and pan versions of same (which have featured on these pages before) was accompanied by a potted history of the spud in Ireland and elsewhere. For the lunch which followed the demo, you could, if you so desired, indulge in boxty for starter, main course and dessert (and for those who persist in thinking that you shouldn’t put potato and dessert in the same sentence, let alone on the same plate, all I can say is don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it).

Boxty House Menu

Boxty on the menu - it's almost as versatile as the spud itself

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