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Spud Sunday: One Hot Potato

Food and wine hot 100 2012

In at number 40 on the Hot 100 list:
yes, it's my top-of-the-pops moment

Well, well, well. I appear to be operating at a sizzle these days, at least if this year’s Food and Wine Magazine Hot 100 list is anything to go by. Amongst mentions in the list for fellow bloggers Niamh Shields from Eat Like A Girl, Aoife Carrigy from Holy Mackerel and Joanna Schaffalitzky from Smorgasblog – lovely ladies all – I was very flattered to see this here blog listed for the second year.

And if, as the Food and Wine citation says, this is the place to come for potato recipes, then I’d better get some spuds on now, hadn’t I?

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Have Opinions, Will Eat

Remember when you were young (or maybe even not so young) and you thought that the bestest job in the whole wide world would be as chief taster in a chocolate factory?

“‘magine gettin’ paid to do that,” my young self would think, and would dream a daydream that was equal parts Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Willy Wonka.

While the chocolate tasting idea eventually lost its sheen, being a contributing editor for John and Sally McKenna’s independent and unfailingly opinionated Bridgestone Guides would be my decidedly adult version of that same dream. It’s a remit to seek out and experience the best in Irish food and hospitality, and it’s an honour and a privilege – not to mention a responsibility – to have been asked to do just that.

Without further ado, you can click through to read what I had to say – in a Bridgestone capacity – both about the wonderful Eastern Seaboard in Drogheda and about the new Avoca food market and Salt Café in Monkstown. You can also see some of the delights of the Avoca food market below.

Cheese room

They have a cheese room, need I say more?

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Spud Sunday: Boozy Spuds

Wine Glasses

Tempting tipples...

Several of my work colleagues, it seems, are off the jar for January (meaning, for those unfamiliar with that particular turn of phrase, that they are giving alcohol a miss for the month). One did confess, though, to having fallen off the wagon the other day by way of a mid-week glass of wine and, like any forbidden fruit, it was all the sweeter for that. Now, several days later, I can’t say if that conversation was what prompted me to (a) buy a bottle of white wine or (b) add a glass of same to these potatoes, but it might just have been a factor. What I can tell you is that the potatoes are, without doubt, all the better for the addition.

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