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The truth is, folks, that not everything that pops into the what-shall-I-make-now compartment in my brain turns into kitchen gold.

A case in point is last Sunday’s baked alaska-like effort. It was no more than a ginger-nut biscuit base plus frozen berries plus vanilla ice cream plus meringue, but (a) it revealed that my meringue technique needs work and (b) as a whole, it was just awfully sweet (and I mean awful in the tragic sense). It was only salvaged by the addition of lots of plain yoghurt and lots more frozen berries. Ho hum.

Baked Alaska, kinda

Baked Alaska, kinda

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Waste Not, Want Not

“Waste not, want not” was a favourite saying of my mothers when we were growing up. It came second only to “you’ll follow the crows for it yet” and both were used regularly whenever there was an indication that we kids might do anything less than clear our plates of all that was put in front of us. In our house, leaving food behind on your plate was simply not an option, and you soon learned that eating smoked haddock when it was warm was at least marginally preferable to eating it after a stand-off of an hour or so between you and your dinner plate!

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