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Stilts, Gooseberries, And A Spud For All Seasons

Ah, summer in Ireland. Where you’re just as likely to be bathed in rain as in sunshine and where the organisers of outdoor events play a game of Russian roulette with the weather and hope that they are hit, if not with sunshine, then at least not with a fatal shot of precipitation.

As I made ready to head to the Midsummer Fair in Temple Bar on Sunday last, I peered out at grey skies and a persistent drizzle. It didn’t look good for folks wanting to picnic and be entertained while lounging on the faux-grass in Meeting House Square.

Still, I donned my rain gear and arrived to find a few other hardy souls enjoying the trad music on offer, some even be-seated on the I-can-believe-it’s-not-grass patch. More importantly, I was able to satisfy my morning’s need for caffeine at the coffee angel stand, my portable coffee of choice. The day was looking up.

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Fruit, Abstracted

I do, as a rule, love grand displays of fresh produce. I see mounds of colourful fruit and veggies and I immediately want to relocate the lot to my kitchen so that I can have my wicked culinary way with them.

But what if the edibles are for display only and not destined to sate anything other than visual appetites? That, I’m afraid, I view somewhat differently.

The Keeling's Naturally Fresh Garden at Bloom

The Keeling's Naturally Fresh Garden at Bloom

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