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A Note From Home

Dear Claire,

Can it be a year since you left already? I hope Canada is treating you well and that your Barry’s tea supplies are holding up.

While the news reports hereabouts are generally doomy and gloomy, at least they aren’t a kind of World War Two bad, in which case we’d be looking for you to send your tea back to us!

The Da – your Granda – who, as a young army cadet, was responsible for doling out rations during WW2, tells me that the tea allowance was 3/28th of an ounce per person per day – which I reckon is about a teabag’s worth. With rations like that, you’d be hanging out for the emigrant relations to do the needful and send tea home (like Grannie, who, according to this custom’s declaration, was sent 10lb of tea in 1942 by a cousin who had emigrated to New York).

Customs Declaration Front

Declaration for 10lb of tea, sent in 1942 to my Dad's mother from her cousin in New York

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Tea’s Up

It was the simplest of ideas. To meet of a summer’s evening, drink tea and eat cake.

Gisela, from Life is a Festival, who organised yesterday’s Dublin Tea Up, asked only that you bring yourself, your favourite mug and a baked contribution if you were so inclined (and yes, as you’ll see later, I was).

The result was an Irish teatime gone into overdrive – currant scones and butter, rhubarb tart, swiss roll, iced buns, treacly flapjacks and more. There was even a lady who, in true Mrs. Doyle style, would (go on, go on) offer you one of her baked treats (you will, you will) until such time as you took it (which I did, I did).

Dub Tea Up

Tea from Clement & Pekoe plus lots of scones, cake, tart and buns

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

Dandelion Flowers

The ubiquitous dandelion

Bloomin’ dandelions, eh?

Claiming squatters rights to lawns and gardens everywhere, while gardeners and lawn keepers do their best to evict them. It’s a losing battle, frankly. Dandelions have sheer force of numbers on their side and they’re just too comfortable in the open, sunny, newly turned sod of the garden.

I, however, have a cunning plan. I happen to know that my yellow-headed tenants are blessed with lots of edible possibilities, therefore I shall simply eat them. Ha!

In fact, I might even advertise for more dandelions to move in:

“Young dandelion leaves, wanted for salad”

“Seeking alternative bitter greens, for stir-frying and more, apply within”

“Frying opportunities for seasoned dandelion flowers, genuine callers only”

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