We don’t have to eat potatoes everyday, but how bad would it be if we did (especially those new guys, straight out of the back garden – mmmm….).

The Daily Spud is just happy that the need to eat and drink everyday is, in fact, an opportunity for a bellyful of daily delight and foodie satisfaction, spud-filled or otherwise!

dinner for one

No spuds but oodles of spudness in this Korean version of dinner for one!

Oh yes, and just in case you wanted to know, the Spud writes from Ireland, the spiritual home of the potato (or so the Spud likes to think). It’s a country that (owing to what might now be called a rather severe Potato Recession in the late 1840s) has famously lived and died by its spuds (or lack thereof), so where better to get your daily quota of spudness!