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The Spud Also Rises

“Spud’s alive!”

I imagine the words of an intrepid reader echoing – with all the might of a Brian Blessed delivery – into the void that is the almost 6 year absence of posts hereabouts.

Alive, yes, and broadcasting once more into that void.

The truly observant reader may even have noted that, for a while there, The Daily Spud was not at all alive, in the internet sense. Subject to sabotage and more than a little deleted. A nasty business, conducted by faceless villains (and no, not even the anti-carbists would stoop this low).

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the site has returned, in what feels like a positively Lazarus-style resurrection. And while restoration of the Spud classics would be reason enough to mark the occasion, it also happens that it was on this day, thirteen years ago, that the Daily Spud began.

Now, a surly Teenage Spud might ask who even reads blogs anymore? Isn’t it all tick chat, snap tock and whats not these days? Certainly the internet landscape is much changed since the Spud began, though the only truth that really matters is that nobody will read it if you don’t write it – but if you write it, then perhaps they will come.

Leftover, but not forgotten

Meanwhile, a lone boiled spud sits in my fridge. Evidence that some things remain true in my world – in the matter of a pot of potatoes, it is always worth adding an extra. For the best spud may, in fact, be the leftover spud, for with that spud comes a myriad of future potato possibilities.


  1. Sarah-Jane Mullane

    Welcome back,
    It’s perfect spud weather!

    • Daily Spud

      Ain’t it just, Sarah-Jane!

  2. Gabriel

    Love your work!

    • Daily Spud

      Why thank you! I shall take a bow (or at least as much of a bow as my spudly-shaped persona will allow :)

  3. Dave

    Welcome back we’ve missed you

    • Daily Spud

      Missed you too Dave (a spud legend before The Daily Spud was even thought of!)

  4. Cherie

    Well done Aoife! Glad you’re back Graeme will be proud!

    • Daily Spud

      Thanks Cheb – I reckon a VB (or several) might be called for!

  5. Malachi

    I literally was thinking about The Daily Spud the other day and wondering how you were. Some lady called Poppy was on the radio talking about her potato tick chat channel and I remembered you pioneering the whole concept!

    • Daily Spud

      Hi Mal, lovely to hear from you! Not surprising that others have had similar ideas since (and, by the same token, that The Daily Spud has proved to be not quite ready for retirement!)

  6. Hans Wieland

    Delighted to see you are back Aoife! Lots of good memories from many potato days! Looking forward to reading more interesting spud articles!

    • Daily Spud

      Hi there Hans – I also have lots of great memories from potato days at the Organic Centre, they were a big feature of life at The Daily Spud! Hope yourself and Gaby are keeping well.

  7. Tom

    Can it be that the famine is over?
    It’s enough to bring a lumper to your throat!

    Welcome back.

    • Daily Spud

      Thanks T – Golden Wonders will never cease!

  8. Sippity Sup

    Welcome back! GREG

    • Daily Spud

      Greg my friend! ‘Tis good to be back (and all the better for hearing from you!)

  9. boardtc

    Fair play for resurrecting, I look forward to more inspiration!

    • Daily Spud

      Thanks! I shall endeavour to be my inspiring best (no pressure, like :) )

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