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The Spud’s Awake

It was as cold a May as I can recall – except, perhaps, for that time during my college days when, on a day early in May, the theory of lolling around on warm grass was replaced by the practice of scurrying to avoid a brief, freak snow flurry. And though this year’s May might not have been snow-cold, it was, for most of its length, nippy nonetheless. During that unseasonably chilly month, I watched as my emerging tomato plants steadfastly refused to budge beyond their seed leaves, as if to say ‘feck this for a game of cowboys, wake me when you have the heat on.’ It’s only the belated arrival, in the past few weeks, of some actual summer warmth that has, at last, spurred them into growth.

Let’s just say I know how they feel.

Daily Spud observers will have noticed an extended period of dormancy hereabouts but, whether it’s the warmth, or the season of new growth, a bout of spud activity this way comes, with me in the thick of it.

Spuds sign

  • This weekend sees me return to the Spud-off Mór in West Kerry – the original inter-parish potato growing competition, now in its sixth year and a glorious mixture of seriousness and craic. You can get a flavour of the event from my adventures there two years ago.
  • This year, in addition to the main event, where the various parish and schools winners will present the potatoes that they have grown for final judging, the organisers have added a spud dish competition – Práta Pláta (meaning potato plate) – and it will be my privilege to assist with the judging.

    For anyone in West Kerry this weekend, I wholeheartedly recommend getting yourself to Ballydavid on Sunday June 28th where, from 3pm, a specially erected marquee will host a program of events, including the Práta Pláta competition and Spud-off Mór final, along with music, kids entertainment and general carousing in the name of the spud.

  • Hot on the heels of the Spud-off Mór – and at the opposite end of the country – is the Comber Earlies Festival in Comber, Co. Down, which takes place from Thursday 2nd July to Sunday 5th July. Home to the Comber Early potato, which was granted European PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status in 2012, the festival is is making its third appearance this year, though it’ll be my first time to attend. Activities will include a family festival day in Comber on Saturday July 4th, with entertainment, workshops and, rumour has it, a talk by yours truly, so watch this space.

  • …and, yes, there’s more. While the blog may have been dormant, the spud world has, unsurprisingly, continued to turn (and I have even been found writing elsewhere on spud-related topics, such as Keogh’s, their crisps, and their #PerfectPicnic campaign). Notably, GIY, the dynamic grow-it-yourself organisation, are, this summer and in conjunction with Bord Bia and potato.ie, rolling out their own GIY version of the Spud-off competition – so expect more of that anon. Dunno about you, but it’s good to feel the warmth of spud activity once again.


  1. brian@irelandfavorites

    The Dubliners version with the legendary Luke Kelly is the best, I’ll be humming it all day now.

    • Daily Spud

      Ah, Luke Kelly, a legend indeed (though his version may not actually have included the word spud in the title!) Great to hear from you as always Brian.

  2. Elaine

    Hope you are back safely. Was just about to come talk to you the other evening when you were leaving. Really disappointed I didn’t get the chance.
    My babysitter cancelled on me so I had to go missing for three hours between like 7 and 10pm.
    However, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Ballydavid – we never got the selfie !!!
    Ive put up some pics on the Feile an Phrata FB page.
    Hope you enjoy
    Until next year.

    • Daily Spud

      Ah, sorry to have missed the chat Elaine – will just have to come back next year! Enjoyed Ballydavid greatly, as always.

  3. brian@irelandfavorites

    fare well my spud
    and fond a due.
    farewell my queenie
    and my rooster too, ooo,

    for I’m forced to fly over pastures wide
    to my rows of taters by lough Sheelin side

    Thought I might give your another classic Irish folk song to sing the praises of the humble spud, miss your writing,

    • Daily Spud

      Ah thanks Brian, I’ve missed your often lyrical comments too! Thought it’s been quite an extended hiatus, the Spud is not quite done yet, methinks…

  4. Adam

    Stumbled across this blog completely by accident! some great posts on Spuds! Looking forward to a few new posts about the spud world.

    • Daily Spud

      Thanks Adam, am looking forward to those posts too – whenever I get a chance to write ’em!

  5. Stanley McCumber

    Really interested in these get together’s about spuds, looks like they are in Europe. Does anyone know of any in the U.S. I am from upstate N.Y. U.S.A. Thanking you in advance.. Stanley

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