I do hate to miss a good party, especially where spuds are involved.

Over the last couple of days, twitter has successfully reminded me of what exactly I’ve been missing by not being in the U.K., where (as the newspaper snippet in the tweet above indicated) they were celebrating National Potato Day. Another tweet on Friday from Kaethe Burt O’Dea – a.k.a. @spudsireland – asked simply “Why aren’t U here?” – here being at the (apparently weekend long) 20th National Potato Day organised by Garden Organic. The charity, who promote organic growing, were the first to start holding potato days in the U.K. back in in 1994, giving growers access to a wider variety of seed tubers and generally promoting and celebrating the diversity of the spud. Similar events are now held in various locations across the U.K. at this time of year, when gardeners’ thoughts turn to the new growing season.

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