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Spud Sunday: Potato Days Are Here Again

I do hate to miss a good party, especially where spuds are involved.

Over the last couple of days, twitter has successfully reminded me of what exactly I’ve been missing by not being in the U.K., where (as the newspaper snippet in the tweet above indicated) they were celebrating National Potato Day. Another tweet on Friday from Kaethe Burt O’Dea – a.k.a. @spudsireland – asked simply “Why aren’t U here?” – here being at the (apparently weekend long) 20th National Potato Day organised by Garden Organic. The charity, who promote organic growing, were the first to start holding potato days in the U.K. back in in 1994, giving growers access to a wider variety of seed tubers and generally promoting and celebrating the diversity of the spud. Similar events are now held in various locations across the U.K. at this time of year, when gardeners’ thoughts turn to the new growing season.

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Last Of The Summer Marmalade

Marmalade 8th May 2012

January may be the height of the marmalade-making
season, but this marmalade – and this post – are all about last May.

It’s like she’s giving them new life.

It’s the beginning of May and my mother has resurrected a clutch of Seville oranges from her freezer. Bitter and icy now, they will soon, with her help, and like many’s the orange before them, morph into a generosity of sweet, warm marmalade. Though I’ve seen Mum do this a thousand times, I am, for the first time ever, taking notes.

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Spud Sunday: Hold The Horses

They do say that every day’s a school day, and last Wednesday was a case in point. That was when we in Ireland and the U.K. learned all about an interesting new principle at work in our local food systems: the Horse-n-Beef Uncertainty Principle, where the purchase of a factory-processed supermarket beef burger could leave you uncertain as to how much beef (or pork or horse meat) that burger actually contained.

Beef burger definition

As it turns out, “often with other ingredients” covers a multitude

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