Don’t forget, there’s still time (if you’re reading this on Sunday 26th, that is) to add your name to the hat for some spuddy goodies from Keogh’s. Pop over here, leave a comment and come right back now, y’hear?

Spud flag

Flying the spud flag

So that’s it folks, another National Potato Day over.

It may seem a small thing but, when I started this blog almost four years ago, no such day existed. Then, in what was truly an inspired marketing move, spud-farmers-turned-crisp-manufacturers Keogh’s got the ball rolling last year with the inaugural potato shindig, and while they are still the main movers behind National Potato Day, it’s an event that, to me, has clear potential to grow in years to come (but, there again, I would say that).

Spud balloons

I need some of these for my next party...

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