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Have Opinions, Will Eat

Remember when you were young (or maybe even not so young) and you thought that the bestest job in the whole wide world would be as chief taster in a chocolate factory?

“‘magine gettin’ paid to do that,” my young self would think, and would dream a daydream that was equal parts Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Willy Wonka.

While the chocolate tasting idea eventually lost its sheen, being a contributing editor for John and Sally McKenna’s independent and unfailingly opinionated Bridgestone Guides would be my decidedly adult version of that same dream. It’s a remit to seek out and experience the best in Irish food and hospitality, and it’s an honour and a privilege – not to mention a responsibility – to have been asked to do just that.

Without further ado, you can click through to read what I had to say – in a Bridgestone capacity – both about the wonderful Eastern Seaboard in Drogheda and about the new Avoca food market and Salt Café in Monkstown. You can also see some of the delights of the Avoca food market below.

Cheese room

They have a cheese room, need I say more?


And there's the free range Irish rotisserie chicken and duck
by Poulet Bonne Femme

Feoil is fearr

State of the art meat provision by James Whelan Butchers

Hot horseradish sauce

Get your hot horseradish sauce here

Deli counter

The delights of the Avoca deli

Avoca soups

An army of soups and more, ready for action

Best of Irish

Dealing in the best of Irish, in this case coffee from the Ariosa Coffee Roasting Company

Big cookies

Oh my, what big cookies you have!

Crates of veg

Crates of veg, from Gold River Farm among others

Avoca Treats

Avoca treats aplenty

Salt menu

The adjoining Salt Café

Goats cheese salad

Lunch is up:
Goats cheese salad with beetroot, hazelnuts, rocket and quinoa

Raspberry posset

And finally, some rather lovely raspberry posset for dessert


  1. Sophie

    I love thier cloths a lot. I have a few skirts & dresses! I can only find this beautiful Irish brand in 1 shop in Mechelen. I also have thei coffer mugs! I love this brand a lot, so colourful & good materials! :)
    It is great that they have their own food cafés & this stunning food hall! :) Thanks for this great review!
    I could certainly make a list with food items to taste & to buy! :)

  2. Daily Spud

    I’m sure you’d have no trouble making a list for this place Sophie and neither would I! It would be quite a long list too, methinks :)

  3. Ruby

    Cheeeeeeese roooooom. Sigh.

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