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As Cheesy As One, Two, Three

Well, well, well, can it be three years already? Three years and much adventuring since my I took my first tentative blogging steps here at The Daily Spud.

I could scarcely have imagined all of the many things that this blog would bring and I can’t think of a prouder way to mark a threesome of spud years than having three (yes, three) of my recipes appear in actual print as part of a newly published book, Farmhouse Cheeses of Ireland by Glynn Anderson and John McLaughlin.

Farmhouse cheeses of Ireland

New book on the block: Farmhouse Cheeses of Ireland

Farmhouse cheese recipes

Delighted to have my cheesy recipes sandwiched between contributions from
Catherine Fulvio and Rachel Allen

Now, you’d hardly expect a completely unbiased review of the book, given that (a) I know the authors and (b) my recipes are included, but it says a lot about Irish cheesemaking that there is scope for such a book in the first place. Until its revival in the 1970’s and 1980’s, farmhouse cheesemaking in Ireland was a tradition that had largely died out.

These days, there are on the order of 60 registered farmhouse cheese producers in Ireland making probably close to 200 distinct cheeses, with more than a few world class cheeses among them. Helen Finnegan from Knockdrinna recently took top honours at the British Cheese Awards, winning the overall Supreme Champion accolade for her Kilree goat’s cheese, while last week saw the second annual Irish Cheese Awards at Shop Expo in Dublin’s RDS, with 14 different categories and more than 150 cheeses entered. Farmhouse cheesemaking in Ireland has come a long way and Glynn and John’s book introduces readers to the cheesemakers who are making it happen. The book describes their significant cheeses and (as you have no doubt guessed) whets appetites further with a selection of cheese-filled recipes. Along with Bord Bia’s Guide to Irish Farmhouse Cheeses published earlier this year, it represents a great resource for anyone interested in the ever expanding range of fine Irish cheeses. There remains little else to add, except that I can think of no better way to celebrate my blog-o-birthday than with piece (or three) of that selfsame Irish cheese.

Cheese ‘n’ Beer

Look out for events during Bord Bia’s Irish Farmhouse Cheese & Craft Beer Weekend, which takes place during the October Bank Holiday Weekend, 27th – 31st October 2011. With a growing number of craft brewers emerging in Ireland, Bord Bia aims to raise awareness of both our farmhouse cheese and our craft beer, and to show, as at events like this one, that one can be an excellent accompaniment to the other.

Cheese ‘n’ Wine

If you prefer a drop of wine to go with your cheese, then you might be interested in the opportunity to taste a range of Portuguese wines at the Portuguese Wine Fair being held on October 24th in the Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane in Dublin 8. The event is open to the public from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and tickets, priced €15.00, are available from Jean Smullen – ph. (086) 816 8468 or email jean@jeansmullen.com.


  1. Aine @ Something to Chew Over

    Happy blogiversary! I love farmhouse cheese, will have to check this out :)

  2. Daily Spud

    Thanks Aine – if you’re a cheese lover, then this is definitely a book to look out for

  3. Móna Wise

    Happy Blog-o-birthday! I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. We have several cheese bibles around here but not one on Irish cheeses. Yummy yum yum!

  4. Daily Spud

    ‘Tis high time we had an Irish cheese bible, Móna! Hope you enjoy the book.

  5. Angela Cox

    And Very Many Happy Returns of the Blog-Day to you Spuddie! I notice that your recipes seem to be outstanding in the contents pages – only right too! ;) Your blog is a wonderful accomplishment and can very appropriately be complimented with a tipple and cheese. Cheers!

  6. Daily Spud

    Cheers Ange – like the proverbial farmer, I like nothing better than to be outstanding in my own field :D

  7. Catherine

    Happy blog birthday to you! And I am dying to get stuck into that book – I suspect it will be going in several people’s festive present receptacles too :)

  8. Daily Spud

    Great minds think alike Catherine – was reckoning it would make a great present too :)

  9. Kristin

    Happy blog birthday to you and congrats again on the recipes! x

  10. Daily Spud

    Thanks Kristin (all helped by the editorial work on the book, naturally :) )

  11. bellini

    Congratulations, exciting recipes as well!!!

  12. Daily Spud

    Hey Bellini, thank you, it’s exciting alright :)

  13. Lori Lynn

    Happy Anniversary Aiofe! And congratulations too. The titles of all three of your recipes in the book sound amazing, no wonder they included them!

  14. Kavey

    Happy Blogiversary, Aiofe!

    [eat me eat me] <— the fatoush and manoush are calling for you!


  15. Stef

    Congrats on being published! Btw, that ‘risotto’ sounds really interesting.

  16. Daily Spud

    Lori: Thanks so much, really kind of you to say so :)

    Kavey: Thanks m’dear – I must go and answer that call forthwith!

    Stef: if you want to take a looksee, you can find that (riceless) risotto over here

  17. Stef

    Ah great stuff. I actually watched that episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Best Restaurant. I am going to try your recipe this weekend, looks amazing. Was there any problem with the potatoes disintegrating?

  18. Daily Spud

    Interestingly enough, Stef, I didn’t really have problems with the potatoes disintegrating, though I think you just need to make the pieces as evenly sized as you can and watch out for the point there they’ve just become tender – if you leave them longer, especially floury ones, I would expect them to start to go to mush.

  19. Imen McDonnell

    Happy Blog-Birth-Day! And love Irish Farmhouse Cheeses……simply the best! See you soon. xx

  20. Glynn Anderson

    Aoife, happy blogday. At the risk of nauseating your readers with mutual congratulation, you know we are thrilled to have your recipes in our book. Congratulations on a brilliant three years food blogging!

  21. OysterCulture

    Woohoo, congrats on 3 years, holy cow does time fly and of course for folks recognizing your culinary genius.

  22. nessa robins

    Congrats again on your recipes! It looks like a beautiful book and as a cheese lover I’ll have to get my hands on this one! :)

  23. Daily Spud

    Imen: They are the best, aren’t they? And yes, hopefully see you soon.

    Glynn: Thank you sir and here’s to whatever the next few years bring!

    OysterCulture: Time sure does fly – hope all is good with you, Lou-Ann – I need to get ’round to your place and visit more often!

    Nessa: indeed so, ’tis a must for cheese lovers alright

  24. Stef

    Cool. I’ll use the julienne attachment on the mandolin to make sure they’re the same thickness and width. Can’t do it this weekend now but defo next, will let you know how I get on!

  25. Daily Spud

    Good luck Stef, hope you like it!

  26. Lori

    This is outstanding! Congratulations on the anniversary! I’m always reminded of how things started for me when I see the anniversary announcements. Mine turned three this year too and yours was one of the first blogs I began reading. A special congrats for having recipes in print. You have to be so excited!!

  27. Aoife Mc

    Belated Happy Birthday Spud! Here’s to many more years as Spud Champion :)

  28. Daily Spud

    Lori: Yes, very excited! And of course, yours was one of the first blogs I started reading too, so a (belated) happy third anniversary to you too :)

    Aoife Mc: Thanks lady – I will wear that title proudly!

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