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Spud Sunday: The Return Of Foodcamp

The “Food Unconference” the organisers called it.

The event in question, Foodcamp, returned as part of this weekend’s Savour Kilkenny festival, after a very successful inaugural outing last year. The agenda was largely determined by the attendees, each of whom was free to give a presentation, and the guidelines were simple: inform your audience rather than sell to them, and bring something to share for lunch.

Savour Kilkenny 2011

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Spud Sunday: A Spud’s Weekend In Wales

Welsh sheep

Welsh natives: the sheep do outnumber the humans here by quite some measure

Today finds me still in Wales, land of castles, sheep, occasionally dodgy internet connections (hence the spud-sunday-on-a-monday-again, oops!) and of long and hard-to-pronounce place names, like this one:

Long Welsh place name

This translates as (deep breath now):
'the church of Mary in the hollow of the white hazel near the fierce whirlpool and the church of Tysilio by the red cave'
...or words to that effect

The Welsh word for potato – tatw (pronounced ta-tu) – is, luckily for me, much less of a mouthful. I learned that and a lot more whilst eating my way around picturesque North Wales these past few days and attending their True Taste national food awards. However, as I’m still (literally) digesting it all, I shall have to return at a later date to fill you in proper-like.

On The Food Trail Again

I have never been a fan of early morning airport starts (well, who is?), but as I coaxed myself out of bed at an unreasonable hour this very chilly a.m., there were two things that helped:

1. some honest-to-goodness porridge, breakfast of champions – I have Flahavan’s to thank for what seems to be a never-ending supply of same

Flahavan's multi-seed porridge

Flahavan's latest: their multi-seed porridge with pumpkin and hemp seeds, among others

2. a destination promising significantly more than porridge – with the reward for my early rise being a visit to Wales and a place at the table for their True Taste national food awards

wales true taste

Naturally, I will report back in due course – I don’t doubt but that it will turn out to be one of those things that was well worth getting out of bed for.

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