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Spud Sunday: The Look Of The Irish

So what, exactly, does Irish food look like?

Sadly, according to the results returned for “Irish food” by google image search (as at the time of writing, at any rate), the picture (or rather, pictures) ain’t pretty.

Realising this, the ever-savvy folks at Bord Bia gathered together a troop of Irish food bloggers and sat them in front of the combined talents and experience of food-blogger-turned-author-turned-tv-chef Donal Skehan, food stylist to the stars, Sharon Hearne Smith, food photographer Jocasta Clarke, the original of the Irish blogger species, Damien Mulley, as well as cookbook editor and blogger at Edible Ireland, Dinner du Jour, and the Irish Food Bloggers Association, Kristin Jensen. It was a morning of chat about food photography and styling, image search and recipe writing, all aimed at helping us to present better images of Irish food to the online world.

Sharon Hearne Smith: Irish food stylist

Sharon Hearne Smith lets us in on some tricks of the food styling trade, from carefully considered
cake placement to the perfect dollop of cream, to using a heat gun on cheese for that just-melted effect

It was also a day which saw the sharing of an impressive array of home-baked goods, many thoughtfully wrapped and with recipes attached. There was no mistaking that the people responsible were bloggers of the food variety (and very good food at that).

Baked goods by Irish food bloggers

A small selection of the baked goods that were brought along

Needless to remark, I left the event laden with sweet treats and armed with ideas – and while I couldn’t be sure of how many I would put into action, I knew that my pursuit of good looking Irish food would continue, as would the quest for my own holy grail: the perfect Irish potato picture, be it colcannon, boxty, the crisp sandwich or something other.

Irish food: Colcannon

Colcannon: classically potatoey and classically Irish

Irish food: boxty

Boxty: another Irish potato special

Irish food: Crisp sandwich

All hail the mighty crisp sandwich


  1. Sharon Ní Chonchúir

    I was so sad not to be able to make this and jealous of all of you able to down tools on a Friday and learn more about food photography. Thanks for sharing some details of the day here.

  2. Imen McDonnell

    OM Gee. LOVE that you shared a photo of a crisp sammy! Sad I missed the day…sounds like it was fantastic. Hpfully see you soon! Imen

  3. Móna Wise

    What a lovely way to recap the days festivities. I have not had a Tayto sandwich in years and think it is high time to right this wrong and teach the kids all about this delicacy. My favourite is your colcannon photo. It is a classic dish and full of greenness and goodness.

    Lovely to have met you on Friday. I look forward to our next rendezvous . .


  4. Daily Spud

    Sharon: Such a pity you couldn’t make it – it was a real treat to be able to spend a Friday like that…

    Imen: Sorry to have missed you there and, yes, hopefully catch up soon!

    Móna: Lovely to have met you too – I’m sure it will be the first meeting of many :)

  5. Aoife Mc

    Looks like so much fun! Was so sorry I couldn’t be there.

    Your colcannon is lookin’ only bleedin’ gorgeous :)

  6. Colette

    Looks like you all had a great day. So sad I couldn’t make it. Next time, maybe.. Love your photos :)

  7. Daily Spud

    Aoife: Bleedin’ gorgeous to eat too :) I reckon I’m going to have to make some more very soon…

    Colette: thank you and, yes, hopefully you’ll make it next time!

  8. stasty

    Wow, so sad to have missed this and all those lovely home-made blogger treats. Thanks for sharing some of the tips….now where will I get that heat gun :)

  9. Tangled Noodle

    Ha! Filipino food ranks at the top of challenging cuisines to photograph. Your photos are always beautiful and incredibly appetizing!

  10. Daily Spud

    stasty: Sorry you missed the day too – and there was an incredible range of blogger-baked treats to choose from. Meanwhile I’m thinking that I’ll have to get me a heat gun too :D

    Tangled Noodle: aw, thank you – and y’know it’s high time I tried my hand at some Filipino food – Irish adobo, anyone? :)

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