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Pop-up Goes The Restaurant

Time was when “pop-up” was a term you’d apply to your kitchen toaster.

These days, you’re more likely to hear it used in reference to something more substantial, yet less enduring than your average toaster, namely pop-up restaurants.

Pop-up restaurants are, by definition, transient. Perhaps not as transient as, say, news on Twitter, which can be old within hours but, nevertheless, they have, by their very nature, a short and limited life-span. In a way, they’re a product of the internet era, where attention spans are short, the volume of information is high, and you can only hold people’s attention for so long before they demand something new or at least different. In the case of the recent Jacob’s Creek pop-up wine and dine experience, which took place for four evenings at the end of June, attendees got both, through a combination of new wines and an unusual venue that was guaranteed to captivate.


Old setting for a new phenomenon:
The Jacob's Creek pop-up experience took place in the atmospheric (and not a little spooky) crypt underneath Christchurch Cathedral

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Spud Sunday: Wexford Spuds

There were spuds from husbands, spuds from wives, spuds from fathers and spuds from sons. They came from the south of the county and the north, youngsters and old timers alike. Though the participants might (we were told) be better known for other activities, here, at the annual Spud Tasting in Jacksie’s Bar, they were potato growers first.

Spud tasting 2011

Announcing the big event

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