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Spud Sunday: Gone Eatin’

Heavy Lebanese Potato

Now that's a potato... (image from bbc.co.uk)

Remember this guy? 

For those not so well up on their tuber news, this was the Lebanese farmer who, a couple of years ago, dug up what was reportedly the heaviest potato in the world. Weighing in at a whopping 11.3 kg, that, my friends, is a spud to be reckoned with.

And while the prospect of finding similarly-sized spuds may not have been the only reason to visit, I am, as you read this, eating and drinking my way around the Lebanon. Yes, the Lebanon. Really. I don’t think I could be more excited about it if I tried!

So pardon me while I get on with my little tour of the Middle East. I’ll be back next week to tell you all about it.


  1. Ken McGuire

    Can’t say I’ve ever been out to the Lebanon but the few years I was in Dubai I ate a good bit of Lebanese food. Came across this awesome garlic chicken dish (insane levels of garlic) served with a hummus. Divine.

  2. Móna Wise

    I love that photo of the potato!! Have a lot of fun on your trip.
    Looking forward to reading all about it.

  3. OysterCulture

    Cripes, that looks like something out of an alien movie, but I bet its still darn tasty.

  4. Tangled Noodle

    So looking forward to reading about your adventures, edible and otherwise, in Lebanon! Wishing you safe and fun travels! 8-)

  5. Bambi

    That’s weird, this is the first time I’ve ever been on your blog and today I looked at pricing flights to…Lebanon! Where my pal will be attending a wedding in August. Recommendations and thoughts will be gratefully received!!

  6. Jenni

    Hope you are having the best time, but I must admit that the Big Honkin’ Spud is a little bit frightening.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your exploits! =D

  7. Kavey

    Dang, why didn’t we track down Mr Giant Spud Farmer?! ;)

  8. Daily Spud

    Ken: now that I’m back, I can confirm that high levels of garlic are a definite feature of Lebanese eating and the source of *the* best garlic chicken in Beirut – one Lala Chicken – has been identified

    Mona: Thank you! A lot of fun was had and so much stuff to write about…

    OysterCulture: yep, it’s a bit of a frankenspud alright – would love to know what, if anything, they ever made from it

    Tangled Noodle: thanks TN, back safe and sound – now I just need to get my blogging groove to return as well!

    Bambi: hi there & welcome – there’s so much to say about Lebanon (way too much for a single comment) but for anyone visiting Beirut, I would definitely recommend eating at Tawlet and Seza and a visit to the Jeita Grotto is a must

    Jenni: I did have the bestest time, taking me a while to get around to writing about it, but I’ll get there

    Kavey: we’ll just have to go back!!

  9. Yuri

    Whoa that is a big potato! Your middle eastern tour sounds like fun, hope I can visit someday :)

  10. Daily Spud

    Hey Yuri, it sure is a monster spud! The tour was a lot of fun, I’d recommend it highly if you ever get the chance.

  11. siobhan nilinsigh

    Lived in The Middle East for 14 years now I make lots of dishes from there only problem we can’t get such good fruit here

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