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Spud Sunday: Defender Of The Spud

To borrow a phrase from the original super brat himself, you cannot be serious.

That was my response (and then some) to an invitation to participate in a so-called “un-potato fest”, which asks participant bloggers to spread, in a jocular fashion, the myth that potatoes are boring, in order to promote a box of (wait for it) instant stuffing mix.

I mean really, who in their right mind would ask me, of all people, to promote the supposed ability of an instant stuffing mix to heroically save us, every one, from the apparent mundanity of all things spud. A mix which, according to this post, contains, among many other things, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and a whole whack of salt. Charming.

Some, I know, will take up the call, and that’s their prerogative, of course. As for me, I’ll choose potatoes over a box of stuffing any day (but I rather suspect you knew that already). Spuds are truly versatile and sometimes even surprising beasts, as, I think, this potato bakewell tart will demonstrate.

Potato bakewell

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Hot Tattie

Ooh er, I seem to be developing a reputation as a bit of a hot potato.

And no, not the kind of hot potato that everyone wants to avoid, but the kind that wants to reach for some fancy fizz to celebrate.

Perrier Jouet Champagne

Perrier Jouët Champagne: a lubbly bit o' bubbly
(and there was you thinking Perrier meant fizzy water)

Of course, I do have a reason for indulging in a little midweek celebration. You’ll find it right here, in the latest hot-off-the-presses issue of Ireland’s Food and Wine Magazine.

Food and Wine Hot 100

Food and Wine Magazine: The Hot 100 Issue

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Spud Sunday: For Spud’s Sake

Another week, another Spud Sunday…

If you’ve ever wondered why I do what I do – and I have, occasionally, wondered about it myself – you might like to have a listen to a real, live interview with yours truly, as conducted recently by Bridget Nicholas, in association with Radio Kerry Training. Fancy or what?

Spud takes to the airwaves

As I got home, I pulled a Tesco receipt from my wallet.

All I could do was laugh. A kind of resigned, shake of the head laugh, as opposed to the belly kind of laugh, though, in point of fact, it was bellies and the filling thereof that had me shaking my head in the first place.

I was just back from the inaugural For Food’s Sake event which took place earlier this month in Dublin’s Sugar Club. Organised by, among others, Aoife Carrigy, late of Food and Wine magazine, it was a panel discussion on the future of our indigenous Irish food industry, with Pat Smith, General Secretary of the Irish Farmer’s Association, Una Fitzgibbon, Director of Marketing Services with Bord Bia, journalist Suzanne Campbell and Graham Roberts of Connemera Smokehouse all participating. To remind us of what it was all really about, samples of Graham’s fine smoked fish were available for sampling, along with excellent relishes and sauces from Janet’s Country Fayre, beautiful cheeses from Mary and Gerry Kelly of Moonshine Organic Dairy and lovely breads from Le Levain bakery.

Really Good Ketchup

Really Good Ketchup from Janet's Country Fayre:
just what a spud needs

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