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Spud Sunday: The Food Parade Rides Again

The Classic Irish Crisp Sandwich

You’ll need:

  • Crusty white bread, sliced as thickly as you dare. Traditional batch bread [1] is a classic choice and a doorstep [2] is my preferred unit of thickness.
  • Irish butter, slathers thereof.
  • Bag of crisps (Tayto cheese ‘n’ onion [3] being my own personal preference). Note that this may also be referred to as a packet of crisps or, in some areas, a package of crisps or even a package of crips [4].

You’ll also need:

The Steps:

  • Hardly needs instructions, does it? Slather bread with butter, insert crisps between 2 thusly buttered slices, squish together and eat. Wash down with a mug or ten of tea.

The Variations:

  • Slices of ham are a much favoured addition to this all time classic, and a variant on what is, itself, another Irish favourite, the ham sandwich [6].

The Results:

  • Crisp sambo for one (or more, in the unlikely event that you’ll want to share).