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Spirit Of The Fringe

The people from Absolut vodka must really think I need a drink.

Not that they’re necessarily wrong about that you understand, but they must think I’m in a truly bad way if they’re sending me five bottles of vodka at a time. Five!

Absolut flavoured vodka miniatures

For all you know, these bottles could be quite large


I must confess.

The bottles were only little.

Five miniatures containing samples of vodkas from Absolut, flavoured with citrus, ruby grapefruit, pear, raspberry and vanilla, and with cocktail recipes to match. Not that I think you need much by way of instruction when it comes to drinking these little vodkinis. Inhale and you’ll find them like a concentrated fruit cordial, the pears and raspberry especially so. A slice of lime and some tonic or soda water and you have some adult fruity fizziness (and, after working through the full five bottle range, a somewhat sozzled spud – I am nothing if not thorough in the, umm, research that I conduct on your behalves).

absolut fringe

All of this was by way of marking Absolut’s sponsorship of Dublin’s upcoming Fringe Festival and their commissioning of new work for the festival by comedy dance troupe Ponydance. All terribly laudable, though I would love it even more if they sponsored a Fridge Festival. Just a suggestion, mind. Food for thought, as it were.

In the absence of such a thing, you should, by all means, go out and enjoy the Fringe Festival (and a cocktail or two) or check out the myriad events happening around the country on the evening of September 24th for Culture Night.

culture night 2010

No fridges appearing on Culture Night either (I checked) – but I see that there is a least one performance that evening in the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery entitled Potatoes, which I very much suspect has nothing to do with eating spuds, but I live (and drink) in hope.


  1. Stacey

    What does a German living in Oklahoma have to do for such yumminess???

  2. Daily Spud

    Stacey – you clearly need to move to Ireland! :)

  3. Chef E

    If it ain’t orange flavored…oh what the heck, I am a lush…no really I have stopped drinking during the week. Only special occasion dinners, but I might slip one of those in my pocket for an emergency…and you never know what an emergency might be!

  4. Daily Spud

    Hey E, I should really try to be a bit better myself sometimes, but there are those occasions (emergency or otherwise) that just demand a little tipple :)

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