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Spud Sunday: A Kind Of Blue Pizza

Dinner these days is a challenge.

Being in a new kitchen, I mean. With not everything in its right place. Yet.

So when Milano’s invited me to take part in their create your pizza challenge, I recall thinking that might just be a challenge too far under present circumstances.

Fortunately, they did send me the pizza dough, which, one would have to admit, helps a lot.

Potato pizza

A kind of blue pizza

So pizza was duly made with what edibles I could lay my hands on. Spuds, of course (I had remembered to pack those). Blue ones. Just ‘cos. Some of my remaining feta-like cheese, now well aged. Harissa paste. Tomatoes. Olive oil. Lemon zest (because I can never resist). Parsley. And some more olive oil, which never hurts.

Now, tasty and all though this was, I suspect that this is not the pizza to end all pizzas. I should also add that if you have a showstopping pizza up your sleeve, remove it forthwith from said sleeve and enter it into the pizza challenge yourself for a chance to have your creation served up as part of the Milano menu and win a trip to Rome to boot. For my part, I was happy with a trip to the couch, freshly baked pizza in one hand, beer in the other. Another kitchen challenge overcome.


  1. Pádraic Óg

    Way to go Spud! Just dug my Congo’s on Saturday and ate them with am Italian touch too. Steamed and tossed in a little homemade pesto. Delishious! Sent some Congo’s Apples and Cups to you through a friend of yours I met at a very successful Harvest Festival in Drumshambo. Enjoy.
    Slàn go foillín
    Pádraic Óg

  2. Daily Spud

    Hi Pádraic! I heard about the pressie of the congos, apples & cups – thanks a million for that, can’t wait to get my hands on them. Glad to hear the harvest festival went well, sounded like a very good day out. I trust the boxty went down well :)

  3. Sophie

    MMMMMMMMMMMM,…This pizza looks so appetizing, my friend!

    I love the flavours you have used in here,…irrisistable!

  4. English Mum

    Ooooh loving the blue spuds. And they sent you dough? Did they lose my address? *cough*

  5. Daily Spud

    Sophie: it does look appetising, doesn’t it – I’m coming over all hungry again now… :)

    English Mum: they clearly *did* lose your address EM, a shocking oversight – heads should roll, obviously :D

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