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Spud Sunday: Spud On The Move

I doubt that many people actually like the process of packing up and moving house.

There are so many things that you must remember to pack. Like your toothbrush. And your spuds.

Although, to be fair, when one has a potato-obsessed brain and some unusual red, blue and purple potatoes to match, they become a little less hard to forget.

Salad blue, highland burgundy red, aura

Some of this year's multicoloured crop: Salad Blue, Highland Burgundy Red and Aura

So it is that I find myself in the midst of such a move, between two houses, minus one garden, operating with half a kitchen and a bag of spuds.

And no toothbrush.

It could be worse. I might have no spuds.


  1. Caroline@Bibliocook

    My sympathies are with you, Spud. After eight house moves in four years, two of them international, I’m allergic to packing boxes, scratch kitchens and missing pots. Still, as long as you have those spuds…!

  2. Daily Spud

    Oh gosh Caroline, eight moves in four years, yikes! This is my first move in eight years, so eight years worth of accumulation to deal with and likely another move within the next year – best not to think too much about it and just get on with the unpacking :)

  3. The Duo Dishes

    Good luck with your move. It’s never fun, but settling in will be nice.

  4. Daily Spud

    Thanks you two. Looking forward to the post-unpacking bit alright :)

  5. Gillian

    Having done a big move after 10 yrs I feel your pain. It was rather like all my spring cleanings in one! And I still did not part with things I should have.
    But just think of the first spud creation you will make in your new kitchen :-)

  6. Tangled Noodle

    Twigs can suffice for a toothbrush but great spuds are hard to come by! Good luck with the move and may you find good fortune and happiness (not to mention all your kitchen tools) in your new home!

  7. Aoife Mc

    Good luck with the move!

  8. The Diva on a Diet

    Well at least you’ve got your priorities in order! I’m not even kidding, those spuds are too beautiful to forget! :)

    My sincere sympathies, dear Spud. I hate moving so much I’ve sworn never to do it again … we’ve been in the same place for 15 years and counting.

    That said, I wish you luck and much happiness in your new abode!!!

  9. Daily Spud

    Gillian: I know – I cleared out a lot of stuff but yet I know that there’s plenty more that just got packed into boxes, probably never to see the light of day for years :) Hope you’re settling well into the life down there in Clare!

    Tangled Noodle: Thank you :) I hope to have the new kitchen up and running ‘ere long – it is the most important room in the house after all!

    Aoife Mc: thanks dearie!

    Diva: Oh how I dreaded the thoughts of this move – and, unfortunately, there’ll probably be another one within a year as my new abode is just a staging post until I (hopefully) acquire slightly bigger, more permanent digs. Then I think I shall not want to move again, ever :D

  10. Valentina

    Aoife, the process of getting ready for the move is so tiring. Just to think of it my body aches. However, I love the settling down, unpacking and all the possibilitiesbthat a new home brings.btw, the highland burgundy red looks stunning. Does it taste somewhat special?

  11. Gratefully Gluten Free

    23 years and 14 moves (retired military) and I am never moving again! Loved all the places I had the pleasure of putting temporary roots down at but am glad to not have to pack a box and can now watch a tree grow and a garden get bigger every year! Good luck and your are so right, unpack kitchen first… most important room in house!

  12. Daily Spud

    Valentina: Ah, you are so right – a new home brings so many possibilities with it :) The Highland Burgundy Red has quite an impressive colour (and makes for an interesting red mash!) – it does have good flavour too (more so than the Salad Blue, it has to be said)

    Gratefully Gluten Free: thanks so much for stopping by – I can so understand how you’d be happy to just settle back and watch the garden grow – you deserve it after all of that moving around :)

  13. Sophie

    Good luck with your move!!

    I will be thinking of you!

  14. lola

    those potatoes are so pretty! good luck with your move!

  15. Amanda

    You have my sympathy. There is not much that I hate more than moving house; it has been known to make me physically ill! Still it is always fun to settle into somewhere new, too!
    I just adore those spuds – amazing!!

  16. Elli D.

    Oh yes, packing up everything and move away belongs to the toughest tasks – once you start packing, it seems you will never finish and things you never knew you owned are coming out of everywhere. Good to see you are taking it with humor, though.

  17. OysterCulture

    It would be a crime against nature to leave these beauties behind. Glad you won’t be spudless, otherwise a rebranding of sorts might be in order.

  18. Daily Spud

    Sophie: oh thank you – I’m just looking forward to when it’s all done :)

    lola: thank you (on both counts!)

    Amanda: I know exactly what you mean and, yes, there is an upside with the adventure that is a new place to live

    Elli: Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by! It’s so true about packing – you wonder how you could possibly have so much stuff and what it is all for. Then you stop wondering and just reach for another box :D

    OysterCulture: rebranding – oh the horror – I would be bereft without my spud moniker!

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