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Good For What Ales You

As I climbed out of the taxi, my driver, Anthony, had one last wish for my onward journey:

“Give them my love”, says he, “and tell them to keep brewing the Smithwick’s for me and for you”.

I think he might just have had a tear in his eye as he wished me well, being quite overcome at the thought that I was on my way to visit the Smithwick’s brewery. Having discovered my intended destination, Anthony’s eyes had lit up and his expression become more animated. At the mention of the Irish ale that is Smithwick’s, he had announced proudly “that’s my drink, so it is”.

We had swapped beer stories and talked about that certain solidarity that exists among Smithwick’s drinkers, perhaps the result of always being the odd one out in a sea of Guinness and lager stalwarts.

Smithwicks through the years

Smithwick's through the years

I will admit that, having been a Smithwick’s drinker for years, I was just as excited as Anthony was about my visiting the brewery. Forget that I was leaving a half-unpacked house behind me, a visit to Smithwick’s trumped all.

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Spud Sunday: Spud On The Move

I doubt that many people actually like the process of packing up and moving house.

There are so many things that you must remember to pack. Like your toothbrush. And your spuds.

Although, to be fair, when one has a potato-obsessed brain and some unusual red, blue and purple potatoes to match, they become a little less hard to forget.

Salad blue, highland burgundy red, aura

Some of this year's multicoloured crop: Salad Blue, Highland Burgundy Red and Aura

So it is that I find myself in the midst of such a move, between two houses, minus one garden, operating with half a kitchen and a bag of spuds.

And no toothbrush.

It could be worse. I might have no spuds.

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