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Spud Sunday: And The Blog Goes On

Mrs Potato Head Sadface

Sadface, kinda

So Galway and the Irish Blog Awards came and went last night, and while I was a shoe-in for Best Spud, the food and drink honours this year went to the very sweet and multi-talented Donal with his Good Mood Food Blog. He adds the blog crown to his cookbook, newspaper columns, television appearances, pop-stardom and who-knows-what-else to come – quite a phenomenon to contend with!

I would just like to make it clear, however, that I remain as dedicated as ever to all that is potato and that, folks, is really all that matters.

McDonagh's Chips

Case in point: McDonagh's Chips

I will have you know, for example, that upon arrival in Galway yesterday, I had a mighty feed of fish and chips (but mostly chips) in advance of the evening’s events, as procured from McDonagh’s of Quay Street – as fine a way to prepare oneself as any.

I don’t mind telling you that I did, in addition, partake of cold chippy leftovers when the not inconsiderable bout of post-awards drinking was done. I also had an emergency bag of Tayto on hand, to be deployed should an extreme case of potato deprivation arise – not something you ever want to take a chance on.

And, awards or no awards, there is something else important that you should know:

When aliens arrive wielding their own particular brand of instant mash, I will be your first line of defence. Don’t think they’re coming? Think again…


  1. ValleyWriter

    You may not have won this year, but you’ll always be tops in our books! (Love the Mr. Potatohead holding the chip, by the way. Too cute!)

  2. Yvonne

    I love the Smash ad – but you wouldn’t really eat it, would you????????

    PS hard luck last night – I was in your camp!

  3. Tangled Noodle

    Despite the sad face, Ms. Potato Head’s eyes are shining bright and looking ahead to more ‘tater genius in the future. Nevermind the upstart – we all know which Spud stands on top! (And small consolation though they may have been, those Taytos and McDonagh’s chips didn’t leave you completely empty-handed. )

  4. Daily Spud

    ValleyWriter: aw, thank you :)

    Yvonne: Thanks for your support! As for the Smash – hand on heart, I swear that I have never (knowingly) eaten smash or similar. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t try it for research purposes, but I’m fairly sure I’d limit it to that :)

    Tangled Noodle: onwards and upwards, watch Spud go!

  5. jenn

    No worries. There’s always next year. :) You’re still a winner to your readers.

  6. manuel

    It was good times made even more so by being able to say hello to you…anything else that was said shall stay between us…heh

  7. sweetlife

    Well you will always be our winner…we all adore you!!


  8. Sophie

    Too bad!! I know Donal too,..he’s becoming quite the celebrity!

    But I will stick with you always…!!!

    Hold your head high because you are already a winner in my book! Yeah!

  9. Daily Spud

    jenn: thanks – my readers are the best!

    manuel: yes, good times indeed and we’ll always have Galway…

    sweetlife: sweet by name, sweet by nature – thank you :)

    Sophie: one head, held high, coming up!

  10. OysterCulture

    I just assumed it was a political thing – if you started off from the beginning winning all the awards, what was the motivation for anyone to participate.

    Mrs. Potatohead can smile, she’s made everyone a winner, as we score every time we read your fabulous blog and are educated in the mysteries of the potato. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness.

    Not sure if this is related, but my random words today were “Madonna winner”

  11. Phoo-D

    You’re still my favorite (and #1) Irish food blog! The potato will always reign supreme. =)

  12. Gillian

    Your blog, Madame de la Potatohead is superb and even your sad face looks a little happy.

  13. Sarah, Maison Cupcake

    Commiserations! Gimme Spud, Smash or otherwise any day.
    Incidentally, my aunt, who worked as a costume designer once made Smash aliens like these. They have the best laugh ever.

  14. Chef E

    As said via FB, Ms Sporty Spudsy- The visor has the making of a possibility on the Tennis circuit, as in servin’ up some great Spuds! …and you do! We are on your side of the court missy!

  15. Daily Spud

    OysterCulture: This is true – one needs to at least create the illusion of there being competition :D Meanwhile, I will continue in my mission to bring the potato to the people!

    Phoo-D: yay – long may the Spud reign!

    Gillian: You are a woman of undoubtedly fine taste! And you are absolutely correct, there is a bit of happy face there too – it’s my Mona Lisa smile!

    Sarah: I’d love to see your aunt’s Smash aliens – how cool would that be! And they do have a brilliant laugh. Sometimes a bit of laughter is just what the doctor ordered :)

    Chef E: it’s an excellent side of the court to be on – very glad to have you on my side!

  16. zerrin

    Since I started reading your blog (about a year ago), everything related to Ireland reminds me of you and your lovely blog. I’ve definitely learnt a lot from you. So as your loyal reader, I can say that you are my winner!

  17. sippitysup

    Oh well. We know you’re the best! GREG

  18. The Duo Dishes

    You should’ve won! Should’ve been yours!

  19. Phyllis

    Your blog will always be #1 to me! Glad Mr. Tayto was there to comfort you in your time of need ;)
    ps. I must confess I have some betty crocker instant potatoes in my pantry, but I only use them for one thing – as breadcrumb substitute when I’m pan frying fish.

  20. Daily Spud

    zerrin: thank you :) – and you know that I could say the same about Turkey and your blog – I get such wonderful insights into Turkish food and culture when I head over to your place, it just makes me want to come visit!

    sippitysup: and I know you mean that – which is even better!

    Duo Dishes: can you please come over and tell the judges that? :)

    Phyllis: I knew I could rely on Mr. Tayto when push came to shove! And you’re allowed to have instant potatoes in your pantry, I’ll still talk to you :D

  21. Paul

    In a way, we’re all winners, el Spuddo.

    p.s. I’m feeling sick here at the thought of those aliens arriving with their bland, low-grade mash. SOMEBODY STOP THEM!!!

  22. Daily Spud

    Paul, we ARE all winners – you’ve got the t-shirts to prove it, remember :D In addition to being a Real Winner ™, I am the founder of the league of defenders against alien mash – not many people can say that, now, can they?

  23. aoife mc

    Commiserations again :( It was so fun to hang out with you – let’s never tell anyone how bad the food was, though. Our secret.

  24. LindaMary

    Awh hard luck, your blog is such a great read (and I’m now craving some McDonagh’s chips!! nom!!)

  25. Daily Spud

    aoife mc: yes, that shall indeed be our little secret – what goes on tour, stays on tour :D

    LindaMary: aw, thank you – and you have me craving some McDonagh’s chips again myself!

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